Advice on partitions?

By darkzebra
Dec 3, 2009
  1. hey everyone

    i really apologize i'm not a computer guy so this post is probably gonna be peasantry compared to what u guys mostly deal with? so sorry about that.. any help and advice is greatly appreciated..

    i need advice on how people might deal with this.. i'm a sound engineer and i use my machine mostly for production, mixing and mastering etc.. and i use Pro tool 8 le for this..i also do graphic desgin and use phtotshop cs4.. i've had a 160 drive, which i've used for pro tools and everything else including game and virus protection and everything under the sun..... and as a result my machine has become a haven for death and virus's of all types and is in its final stage of serious aids.. i've recently purchased a 1 tb drive with the intention of totally sorting it out..

    i had the idea of just having two partitions where one partition is purely for pro tools and music production, with absolutly no internet connection of anytype, and virus protection drain... and the other haveing everything else under the sun...

    how would u guys go about this.. because basically i want my pro tools partition to be totally independent of the other drive/s would u create the partitions and install a fresh version of windows on each? and boot up each on respectivly.. because i really want my pro tools to run on a perfectly clean partition free of everything.. it barely opens never mind runs...

    so i've a 1tb and 160 gb.. how do i go about this?.. sorry if i'm being vague any help would be appreciated.. as i say i'm a peasant with computers ha ha..

    could i install windows on the 160b drive and use this as the main system drive then use one half of the 1tb partiotn as the storage space instead of filling the os drive with garbage, and use the second partition as a seperate boot up altogether? i dunno if u can do that or not

    thanks alot :)
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