Advice wanted - MP3 player skips the first half second on some tracks

By GraemeCaUK
Oct 8, 2015
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  1. I have a persistent problem with my MP3 player. If I play a recording which begins with an immediate abrupt start (eg a full-on guitar riff right at the start) the player skips the first half second or so. The problem is definitely on the player as the mp3s play fine on my PC. It doesn't happen on every song, just those which begin with a sudden spike of sound. I've tried various different CD ripping software, I've tried removing tags, and even copying the files direct to the player (rather than syncing through Media Player). I've tried different codecs (including lossless WMA) all to no avail. The only way I can circumvent the problem is to use EZCD to append a half second silence to the start of each track when ripping which isn't going to be much good if I ever replace my player.

    The player wasn't particularly cheap (£140) but I've since found out it is one of Argos's OCM products and I can't find any customer support or updates for it.

    Is this kind of thing a common problem, and does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix it.

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