Aggravated Gamer with Vid Problems or Audio not sure

By Plagu3
Feb 14, 2005
  1. But here's the info:

    3 weeks ago i get my system upgraded buy a new tower,mother,processor, a week later i buy a ATI9250series vid card,everything is installed

    1.8ghz intel celeron
    512ddr ram
    ATI Gigabyte 9250series vid card
    MotherBoard: No name on it but drivers are installed and shows no problems

    So what happens is now that any 2D or 3D game i have restarts within 5-10 or less while the game app is running

    I've updated the Drivers for the Vid Card, ive updated windows with a service pack2, but i'm not sure if i should roll back to a Servicepack 1 ?

    I used to get the blue screen telling me about "Driver IRQL_less_or_greater

    or page_file_not_found

    This pushed me towards that it might be that my video card is faulty but then why does it happen on the other 2 vid cards the Voodoo3dfx series and the integrated vid card a S3ddr ravage vid card those also reboot as well, something is not configured right or something that was installed is faulty

    i have no idea what's going on here

    and i am suffereing from serious gaming withdrawl here,any help would be appreciated

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