AGP 2X -to- AGP 4x ?

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May 4, 2002
  1. AGP 4x ?

    My AGP port only supports 2x . Is there any way to speed it up ( something like "overclocking" it) ?
  2. Didou

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    You AGP speed depends of your FSB ( unless you have a mainboard where you can "lock" the AGP speed ).

    The AGP port is supposed to operate @ 66 mhz.

    If your CPU has a 100 mhz FSB, your AGP is set by ( 100 / 3 ) * 2 = 66 mhz

    If your CPU has a 133 mhz FSB, your AGP is set by ( 133 / 4 ) * 2 = 66 mhz

    Raising your FSB will result in an increase in your AGP port speed & at the same time PCI port speed. If the raise isn't too important, you won't have any problems but performance increase will be negligible. If you raise it a lot, you'll most likely get stability problems ( Lock Ups, Data errors, etc... ).

    The FSB is related to many other things in your system ( Memory speed, hard drive, etc... ). Overclock it at your own risk.
  3. JAV

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    Overclocking the FSB: for CPUCOOL & CPUFSB.

    As Didou said: use at your own risk. If you go too high on the settings (you need to know what MoBo & PLL you have) the comp will lock & you'll have to unplug the power & restart for your orig settings to be re-installed. Ask me how I know that. :rolleyes:

    AGP 8x is right around the corner, IMO. Probably right about the time nVidia announces their "new" chip. ;)

    Both programs also increase the CPU speed as an added bonus.

  4. Rick

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    Re: AGP 4x ?

    Contrary to what you may believe, 4x is not any faster than 2x. It's the same "speed" only the bandwidth is doubled. So 2x --> 4x isn't even really overclocking. Here's an explanation as I understand it.... Ahem.

    Okay, let's say you have two highways.. One has 4 lanes and the other has 8 lanes. The one with 8 lanes is faster, right? Not necessarily... More cars can travel at once, but they are still all traveling at 65mph. So you are getting the same speed traffic, only you can handle more without a gridlock.

    The only time the extra 4 lanes are useful are when you have enough cars to use them all. So if you aren't getting 8 lanes worth of traffic, you won't see any difference (This is the situation with many people still). Getting 8 lanes worth of a traffic would require a very, very nice video card I believe.

    If you have an amazing graphics card, you may benefit from 4x, but otherwise, you can probably do without.
  5. Phantasm66

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    Re: Re: AGP 4x ?


    Rick receives Phantazmm's Gold Star of the Month!

    Rick has explained bandwidth perfectly!

  6. Rick

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    Re: Re: Re: AGP 4x ?

    Will this be an ongoing program, or am I the first and only? :eek:
  7. Phantasm66

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    there will be awards every month....:)
  8. Arris

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    Can I have the award for "special needs"?
  9. Angeliss

    Angeliss TS Rookie

    can I have an award for being so brilliant as to find these forums and talking to you guys?

    Yours cheekily ;)

  10. Rick

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    An award you need not.. For you should have, deep within your heart, the greatest sense of satisfaction possible.

    If you really want an award, how about we hang this up on your wall?


    I've got to admit, that's pretty interesting....
  11. Angeliss

    Angeliss TS Rookie

    I do feel content and satisfied actually ... :) :)

    Incidently, what is the skull on the right from? Any ideas!

  12. Rick

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    I'm no skeletal remains engineer (I made that title up), but I'm guessing a gorilla of some sort.

    Or perhaps it is a recreation of pre-magnum humaniod's skull.
  13. DogStar

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    I think it has something to do with the argument of the darwinists and the non-darwinists.

    That was a damn fine analogy. No wonder you got the Gold Star of the month. :) (but when does the traffic cop come in?)
  14. DogStar

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    but it aint worth the hassle to worry about gettin 4x from a 2x.(as stated by Didou,JAV & Rick), and correct me if I'm wrong, but impossible as well.
  15. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    AFAIK there is no real performance increase in changing from 2x to 4x AGP. As previously stated all this does is increase the available bandwidth, but since no graphics card (not even GF3/4 Ati 8500) can max out the bandwidth that AGP provides.

    Also, AGP 4x can make your system more unstable. A couple of systems I have built have need AGP dropping down to 2x Just to make the system stable.
  16. JAV

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    Tweaking the analogy a tad: If you have a loading dock with 4 bays for unloading (at a given speed) & you have a loading dock w/8 bays (at the same given speed) > which dock will handle more 'goods' in a given time? ;)

    I agree that unless there are 'trucks' waiting to unload at the 4 bay dock: the issue is moot, but traffic IS increasing & the amount of 'goods' is/will too. Increasing the 'speed' creates heat issues, I don't *think* increasing the 'docks' does.

    In the same vein: 4 fully loaded 'trucks' can be divided into 8 1/2 full trucks (loaded thru 8 bays) & they will be 'on the road' before the 4 'full' trucks. They will therefore reach their destination sooner & will be 'unloaded' (8bays) before the 'full' trucks are 1/2 'unloaded' at their 4 bays.. :cool:

    Does this make sense, or am I rambling?
  17. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    This is quite true, but you can't really apply it to AGP, because bits cannot be split into anything smaller :(
  18. cooler

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