AI-generated images are drawing bans from some art communities

Rebellion is certainly brewing on Deviant Art. DA has its own problems with $hit UI, spam, thieves, pr0n, WIX monetization, but for past 4-6 weeks AI basically has taken over 80% of uploads on front page. People are really bloody feed-up with this. You need to browse like 10 pages to finally see more stuff which is not AI generated.

Anyone who argue that AI art is art fine, put it in separate category and allow every user to filter this crap out. As a person who spend usually about week doing a single piece, "AI generated art" is gangrenous Nurgle infested blight.

How many sleepless nights AI need to finish a piece? How many depression attacks it encounters when working on the clock? Just 2 simple questions to those folks who say soulless machine algorithm is an art.
Deviant. Art.
The name of the site speaks for itself. There will be people who will choose to... well... dare I say it... deviate.