Alienware 7700 wont boot to OS

By Gungrave
Oct 9, 2006
  1. Problem:
    Computer crashed a while back every time It would boot into XP pro it would lock up about 5-15 minutes after logon, I tryied recovery console and reinstaling OS but it keeps stating device not found in XP instalation/recovery. I cleared CMOS

    1.Wont boot to OS. Every time during boot phase i see it searching for a bootable device. Continuasly states Operating system not found or somtimes it will go through> (detecting..........)> BIOS not instaled/ OS not found> then it will reboot to bios after I pressed F2

    2.Somtimes will not load BIOS configuration menu or states BIOS not installed/BIOS not found.
    What I have done
    1.Checked physical connections including ATA hard drive pins and ATA ribon cable no apparent damage.

    2.Tried both connection ATA ports 1 & 2 the machine has only booted to XP once succesfuly after detecting ATA 100 Hard Drive.

    3.Disabled SCSI HD in BIOS and made sure its looking for an ATA drive.

    4.used Defualt setting for BIOS.

    5. Cleared CMOS by removing all power sources BUT manufacture states revers CMOS polarity by fliping over the battery (i'd rather not do that I have seen what reversing polarity can do to electronics very nasty even with DC power)

    Result after all efforts thus far my Alienware 7700 will not load OS due to not locating a bootable device. Somtimes I am able to get into BIOS configuration 9/10 times I am unable to get in. Also continualy states BIOS not found/instaled or OS not found.
    Please help
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