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Aug 18, 2006
  1. i'm trying to build a computer right now that will run my games like matrix online, world of warcraft, black and white, and commander conquer. I don't really have to worry about a mouse, keyboard, caseing, graphics card, speakers, or a monitor. But my main concern is the processor. I would really like to try and find a processor for under $300 that has an operating frequency of 3.73GHz, L1 Cache of 24KB + 32KB, L2 Cache of 2 x 2 MB, FSB of 1066MHz and no onboard video. It does not matter to me whether its intel or amd. If anyone has any suggestions of a good motherboard to use that would be great :). I'd like to keep the cost under $800 for the parts if possible, the maximum amount i would spend would have to be $900. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Sharkfood

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    Hi Yumi,
    You plan on recycling/re-using a LOT of old parts but haven't detailed what they are in order to provide assistance with what would be compatible with them.

    Of major concern would be the graphics card, case and power supply. Without more detailed information on these components, there is no way to offer advice on upgrades that would be compatible with your older parts.

    If you would consider simply re-using your old monitor, keyboard and mouse, you can indeed build a totally new system for under $800 that would play all the games you mentioned (and more) and be current and high-end on the performance scale.. provided you do not mind assembling the parts yourself (it's fairly straight forward.. and you'll learn a LOT in the process!).

    Also, 3.73ghz seems a bit unrealistic as well as your cache/specs given current CPU's do not run this high of speed. Some 2.xghz Athlon's are coined "4400+" but they are not running anywhere near 3.7ghz. Cache statistics are more a case of "number-numbness", since again, cpu architecture vs. performance has a lot less to do with marketing bullet items as opposed to real world performance/output. Even the most powerful CPU you can buy today (the Intel Core 2 Extreme runs at 2.9ghz with multiple cpu cores) do not run anywhere near this high.

    An example full system might be the following:
    Antec Sonata case with 450W Power Supply - $89

    Athlon 64 3800+ (2.4ghz) 2000mhz HT - $109

    Abit KN9 SLI AM2 motherboard Nforce 570 chipset - $122.99

    OCZ 1gig dual-channel DDR2-800 kit (2x512) - $109.99

    Pioneer DVD-R/W Combo (Dual Layer) - $31.99

    Seagate SATA 160GB drive - $58.99

    Radeon X1800XT PCI-Express - $199.99

    Total = $722.94

    Add another $109 if you cannot re-use your existing Win XP license/serial.

    That above system will play everything out there with ramped settings, higher resolution, and be way, way overkill for the games you've mentioned. Down the road, you can easily snap in a second gig (2x512) or even a dual-core X2 should the need ever arise.
  3. Yumi

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    those have an operating frequency of 3.73ghz alittle pricey, yes, but there are cpu's out there. Considering that alienare itself uses the second processor for its computers.

    i have a ATI 100-437105 Radeon 9550 256MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card already, i'm looking for a 2+ fan case right now w/ a power supply. I was looking at this case if nothing else, but still looking at others

  4. nickslick74

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    The case is pretty cool, but I would chuck the power supply and get the one Sharkfood mentioned. Thye psu that comes with the case is most likely a cheap generic that is low on amps and will eventually fail taking other components with it. You should never skimp our your power supply!

    While the processors you listed are indeed fast ghz wise, they are wildly overpriced. Also, the first one is a server based chip and probably wouldn't perform that great for gaming. What you have to remember is that it's not all about speed. The new Conroe processors run at a slower clock speed but will crush either of those chips. The same goes for the AMD chips, just because their clock speed is lower doesn't mean that the chips is slow.

    The system that Sharkfood put together above is a really decent system and would beat the pants off of any comparably priced pre-built from Best Buy.

    You may also want to consider replacing your 9550. It will have a very hard time playing the newer games. At the minimum I would get this:
    The card that Sharkfood mentions is great too.
  5. Yumi

    Yumi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'd really like to keep my video card, cause it is quite new, not even 9 months old yet, and it has not been used. Btw if i want that case im probably going to need some help finding a decent motherboard that will fit in it, it says the compatibilities would be Standard ATX/Baby AT/ Micro ATX. I like the fact that this case also has 3 areas i can put a fan at :). With the other case its expensive, and it only comes with one fan. If i could find a power supply that will fit my needs for the case i want that would be great, i am looking into the psu's as we speak. Besides the fact that the case he recommended seems alittle heavy, though it is steel, i wouldn't mind going for a less heavy material seeing as how i probably would not be able to carry that tower on my own :(...


    *edit* Looking at this psu take a look maybe this might work? otherwise tell me and i will look around some more.
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