All online games are lagging all of a sudden

By RayRay11
Feb 25, 2013
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  1. Hello,
    I have a three year old ASUS gaming laptop with Windows 7, 283 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M video card. I noticed a problem when I could no longer play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer online without considerable lag. The last time this happened I was having CPU spikes but that was fixed. This time none of that is happening when I am having lag. I tried lowering the graphics settings and updating my graphics card and doing windows updates with only very minor improvement. When I have tried playing games such as Left for Dead2, Orcs Must Die2 and Diablo3 online through Steam and Origin I keep losing connection and getting booted out of games. It happened last night and I couldn't make it through a game without getting kicked off. My internet connection itself is fine and I haven't experienced any lag when just surfing the web. I haven't tried youtube yet though. I don't understand why it's doing this all of a sudden???? The only thing that I have downloaded in the past couple of weeks was Quicktime and Java because I am in grad school and one of my professors keeps posting lectures via Quicktime. I really would like to be able to fix this with your help and not have to take it in...if possible...I'm a poor college student :( and I just want to play Mass Effect with my boyfriend!!
  2. baN893

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    Hi there RayRay,

    It might help to download the latest wireless drivers for your laptop. I'm sure if you go to the ASUS website for your specific laptop, there will be a download section where you can download drivers. Look if you can find one for your Ethernet (LAN) port if you are connecting via cable to the internet, or one for your wireless one. Let me know if this is any help.

    From a fellow poor university student ;)

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