Amazon launches Kindle App for Web, but Google is no friend

By Emil
Dec 7, 2010
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  1. Amazon has expanded its Kindle for the Web service so that users can read more than just the first free chapters of Kindle books through their browsers. Anyone can now use their browser to buy and read full Kindle books without having to download or install software.

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  2. Anyone can now "USER" their browser?
    Please. Proofreading your work before posting it would be nice.
  3. Do you mean "Anyone will soon be able to use their browser"? Or do you have a link to do it now?

    The Amazon page I found says "Coming Soon".
  4. I was too lazy to sign in (screen name:=MrAnderson)

    This is great news. Having a web service without the need to install more software will go a long way to making Amazon's Kindle have even greater reach. My gripe with the latest hardware is that they removed memory expansion. I'm not completely putting both feet in the pool when it comes to leaving my purchased content in the cloud only and locked into a device. I like to backup my own stuff.

    @Guest No 1:
    Don't be so hard on'em. Although it is more preferable not to have them, typos are just going to be present regardless of the medium. I've seen them in big news papers, books, etc. It happens especially in cases where you do not have the luxury of having another person go over your work when you have a daily deadline that might converge with a quota. It will happen more on news sites that cover many stories a day with a fraction of the staff and salaries.

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