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Amazon steps into the premium home audio game with the Echo Sub

By Shawn Knight
Sep 20, 2018
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  1. Amazon on Thursday unveiled a smattering of new hardware including an Alexa-enabled microwave, a wall clock and a smart plug. Perhaps the intriguing of all, however, is the new Amazon Echo Sub as it signifies Amazon’s intent to take on names like Sonos in the premium home audio space.

    The wireless Amazon Echo Sub is meant to pair with either a single Echo or Echo Plus speaker (or two to create a true 2.1 audio solution). It features a 100W, six-inch downward firing woofer that’ll introduce a new level of depth to your Echo sound system. Paired devices must be of the same type.

    Amazon on its product page says the Echo Sub is currently only compatible with 2nd generation Echo and Echo Plus devices. Furthermore, it only supports music playback for now.

    The sub measures 8.0” x 8.3” and tips the scales at 9.3 pounds. It has a low frequency response of 30Hz (-6dB), maximum acoustic output of 103dB @1M ground plane and a 120Hz - 150Hz adaptive low-pass filter.

    The Amazon Echo Sub is available to pre-order from today priced at $129.99. You can also pick it up as part of an Echo 2.1 stereo bundle in your choice of colors for $249.97. Look for it to ship on October 11.

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  2. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 3,421   +1,821

    Premium is not a word that I would use to describe this. For the price, though, I bet there will be people who will jump on it. If someone is able to afford more, I hope they don't jump on this because this is less expensive. For $100 more, there is this - https://www.paradigm.com/products-current/type=subwoofer/model=cinema-sub/page=specs
    And for $150 more, there is this - https://www.paradigm.com/defiance-subwoofers/specs.php?model=defiance-v8

    Since I own Paradigm speakers already, I am partial to them, however, I am willing to bet that the Paradigms perform better.

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