AMD 6400+ running at 85c with a stock cooler


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cooler is rather large with copper base and what looks like copper headers lol
downloaded cpuid hv monitor
cpu 85c
mainboard 33c
core 0 49c

core 1 51c

cpu vcore 1.57v

+12v 12.67

vbat 3.17

seems a little hot to me guys

shouldn't a higher performance fan like this do better

fans all working and running approx. 3600 rpms

your thoughts are most appreciated



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Try seeing what your bios is telling you about cpu temp. is this a stock cooler?
when was the last time you applied new thermal compound?
Have you recently moved the computer? any gap at all, even a .001" gap will heat things up
third, download a different temp program to verify that reading.
and is that reading under load , or idle?


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it is the one i bought with the cpu

it is an amd cooler but was in a seperate box

fresh grey paste

what temp program would you sugest


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Try this one
in the mean time , look at your bios temp readings, they are usually the most accurate, if you are actually at 85C at idle, your bios thermal setting should be beeping at you, if not shutting it down. unless you disabled the thermal limiter. Is the machine acting odd when it gets this high?
can you buy different heatsink for it?


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bios says 50c
that would seem ok for an amd duo core at 3.2ghz


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its acceptable, like to see the load temp, I think 73 is the upper operating range for the AMD x2's


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OK so i guess i need a better CPU fan and heat sink

i have another maybe stupid question

how do you remove the fan without yanking out the CPU

tried twisting gently but the CPU always seems to come out

I'm afraid of damaging the pins you know
I've come pretty close but so far have been lucky

and really how much paste do you put on it?

I've heard just a dot or few, but I've never seen anyone actually follow that rule

they always spread it lightly across the surface of the CPU

I've read to much paste can actually impede the heat transfer to the heat sink

how do you guys do it?

as always thanks a million


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Put on just enough TIM to cover the surface of the HIS.
When you remove the heatsink, twist and gently pull up at the same time. You may have to twist back and forwards whilst pulling up. Take your time, it will come free :).

Try CoreTemp as RealTemp is for Intel chips :).