AMD Athlon 4200+ Over Clock Question?

Mar 2, 2007
  1. Right..

    The infamous GiGabyte K8 N SLI Pro MoBo.

    How frustrating this is ..

    I found the perfect combination of Ram timings and settings for this chip to get a really nice stable overclock yet the bios is a bummer!

    HTT @ 4x
    I have 2 gig of DDR 400 ram in Dual Mode @ 3337
    CPU set to 250
    Multiplyer set to 10x
    Ram multiplyer set to 2/1.66

    Now with this set up this should get a really superb group of settings with the HTT running @ 1000 (x2) 2000Mhz
    Ram = 415Mhz
    Cpu = 2.5GiG
    I adjusted the Voltage of the cpu to 45
    The ram I set to +.2
    The HTT was left at current voltage as with these timings it is running as normal at the normal frequency..

    Yet the bios will not allow what seems here to be a perfectly balanced overclock

    The only way that the settings will post is when I set the HTT to 3xtimings but that reduces the HTT fequency to 750

    Now although the computer runs well at these settings after a while playing a video game it will hang and get stuck in a sound loop.

    I have tried downloading older Bios but It makes no difference and despite all of the settings in the bios being on manual settings it will not allow me to post a 4x multiplyer for the HTT link.

    Is there anyone out there that knows how I can get this to set at 250 cpu clock with the settings that I have listed?
  2. SNeaKY_BuGGeR

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    More than one way to skin a cat!

    Right sometimes you just have to try different things to and think differently to get a good overclock!

    I have now got my machine running schweet @ 2520 Mhz..

    I changed the frequency of the CPU to 280
    I changed the multiplyer for the cpu to a 9x multiplyer giving 9x 280 = 2520
    I changed the HTT multiplyer to 3x = 3x280x2 = HTT of 1680 Mhz
    I adjusted the ram timings to 3 3 3 8 and they are running @ 420Mhz
    This gives a data transfer rate of 6300gb/s during a read process (which is very nice on pc3200 ram.

    The cpu voltage was raised from standard to 1.4volts

    So far everything appears to stable as anything and under 100% load during sin julia testing etc the core temps peak @59'C which is great. Now all that I have to do is invest in a better cooling system and all will be well indeed..
  3. MetalX

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    I'm guessing you mean 6300MB/s :stickout: But 6.3GB/s is not very good for overclocked PC3200. PC3200 dual channel runs at 6.4GB/s, not overclocked.
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