AMD Athlon X2 6000+ AM2 temp.

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Jan 8, 2008
  1. Hi guys, nice site ^__________^

    I am wondering, what's the max temp on an amd athlon x2 6000+ ?

    When I play games, it easily go 55 degrees celcius (i've clicked alt f4 when i reach 55..), and SpeedFan shows a logo of a fire when it's in 50 degrees so i turn all games down.

    is it safe to play in 55-57 degrees?

    I have the BTF95 cooler (passive) from ZEROtherm.

    btw i haven't overclocked.
  2. _FAKE_

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    Yes LMAO. This is with stock cooler? than thats awesome. Withmy old stock cooler on my X2 5000+ overclocked to 2.9GHz I ran Prime95 and it almost hit 80C and was still perfectly stable, although it raised room temperatures quite a bit (in the high 35+C). Don't know what games ran at but I'm guessing well over 60C. Hell those temps you got there used to be my idle temps.

    I have since than got a Thermalright Ultima 90 and raised volts a little and got a 3GHz speed (equivalent to your X2 6000+) and now my temps never exceed 60C. They idle in the high 30's low 40's But thats because its summer here and room temps get VERY hot.

    Your temps are perfectly fine. Its when they start hitting in the mid/high 60's I'd start to worry. Cause by the sounds of it, your running stock.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Change Speedfan's configuration then :p

    I usually set the "fire" point to 75-80C.
  4. Stephan33

    Stephan33 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ohh ok thnks!

    I'm buying this tho:
    CPU-kylare Zalman upp CNPS9500 AM2 Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

    I've read much good things about it, and I don't want to risk that my processor breaks :)

    Thx for the help guys :)
  5. sghiznaneck

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    I just purchased and installed the same heat sink fan on my processor and I have to tell you, it lowered the chips temp by about 5 degrees celcius. Two things you have to remember with this cooler; it's MASSIVE, and if your side cover has an exhaust tunnel, it's going to have to go. Also, be very careful of the fins on the unit. They are very sharp and you can cut yourself very easily. Also, make sure that you have an additional exhaust fan mounted on the back of the case or most of the hot air will just recirculate around inside the case. DO NOT use the thermal compound supplied with the unit. Go get yourself some Arctic Silver or some Antec Formula 5. The easiest way to apply it is by placing it in the middle of the processor and using a razor blade to spread it out. Just make sure you don't use too much so that it spreads over the sides of the processor. One more bit of advice, be sure to remove your motherboard before trying to install this baby. Most heat sink fans can be installed while the motherboard is in place, but this one is so large you won't have any room to maneuver.
  6. _FAKE_

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    Why don't you get the same cooler as me "Thermalright Ultima 90"? Its smaller, lighter, cheaper, and cools better (so long as you have a 90mm or 120mm fan attached to it) than both Zalman CNPS9500/CNPS9700 CPU coolers.

    Zalman is a good choice no doubt about that, but they are simply more expensive than a lot of the better coolers.
  7. DeepMartin

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    I also have the almighty Zalman CNPS9500
    I have been wondering about my temps too i get 34 idle and 41 middle&full-load (it just stays there its great) vs my stock cooler which gave me 45 idle, 55 middle-load , and 65 (and more! lol i think i reached 73 while stressing my computer with some program) Full-Load

    I just have a P4 2.4ghz 478, so i'm thinking i messed up while installing it since i was hoping to get lower temps out of a not so shiny cpu

    >I waited 18 hours before using the computer again anyone thinks i should have waited more? (if so then i will re-do it and wait the appropriate time)

    I used Zalman ZM-STG1 its supposed to be a good grease
    I did manage to install it while the mobo was on the case lol it took forever and redoing it over and over lol till my sis with her thin fingers helped
    I did not use too much paste, if anything i think it was too little (i just painted the core and the cooler with the grease) but why not use lots of it couldn't it help?
  8. kpo6969

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