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Apr 10, 2006
  1. since my pc is falling behind as time passes i've been thinking of an overlcok. yes i know the risks of an Oc, but im convinced i can get good results<br>
    i have kingston hyperx memory (2-2-2-5) ddr333 <br>
    and got this interesintg article
    im considering Oc'ing my amd athlon xp 3000+ by rainsing the fsb but first i would need to buy a new mobo (the current one is proprietary)..would you guys recommend i get a mobo with an fsb of 400mhtz instead of 333mhtz with good Oc capabilities and a good cooler?
    heres the article
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    I can't help but feel that DDR333 is pretty good for OC. You don't need to spend so much and yet you get a DDR400+ Cl2 RAM for cheap.... And reliable too for some reason.

    At least that was my experience with Kingston Value RAM 512mb DDR333 modules. Your HyperX might be even nicer :D
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    yea im very interested in that aritcle..but still lokking for a new mobo..
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    that link brings you to a general page... not a specific article

    as SOcRatEs suggested earlier, The Abit AN7 is an awesome board for overclocking an AthlonXP, I had an AN7 and I used it to overclock my AthlonXP-M 2500+ from 1.8GHz stock to 2.4GHz (209x11.5)

    also, all newer boards for socketA will be FSB400, and some of the lder ones that max out at 333 can go up to 400 via a BIOS update. What you need to look for in a mobo is the ability to change the FSB and voltage settings.

    Also be aware that the 3000+is a late model Barton and is already clocked high for it's core which doesn't leave it with as much breathing room as a lower PR numbered CPU. for example, chances are that my 2500+ Barton will clock higher than your 3000+ Barton. The 2500+ XP-M's are known to go up to 2.7GHz on stock air cooling which is a 900MHz overclock!, you will never get a 900MHz overclock out of your 3000+.

    I'm not trying to discourage you, I just want you to be realistic about what you can expect to get out of that chip. In my opinion if you're going to spend moeny on an upgrade, then I think your money would be much better spend on upgrading to a socket939 setup or waiting until AM2 comes out.
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