AMD confirms 64-core Threadripper 3990X coming in 2020 for VFX pros

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A presentation slide for AMD’s rumored Ryzen Threadripper 3990X leaked on Twitter Monday morning. The HEDT processor features 64 cores/128 threads, 288MB total cache, and a TDP of 280W.

AMD did not mention clock speeds. However, with double the core count and a 280W TDP that is on par with its 3970X, it might be comparatively under-clocked to keep temperatures under control, but that is purely speculation.

"More details still to come, of course, but it’s not difficult to imagine how outrageously fast the 3990X will be for the highly scalable workloads of a VFX pro."

The company, which was not planning to unveil the CPU until January, confirmed the 3990X is coming next year in a press release for the Ryzen 9 3950X. The company says that it is targeting “Hollywood creators” with the chip, specifically VFX studios. What this means is that it will probably be quite expensive. AMD’s 32-core 3970X is currently around $2,000, so we can expect it to be quite a bit higher than that.

Despite being out of reach for the average consumer, AMD has been steadily increasing core counts in its more affordable consumer-level processors. Advancements in the HEDT market always trickle down. So we could see the 3990X or a more consumer-friendly 64-core variant in a few years.

AMD promised it would be releasing more details on the 3990X soon.

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WalletRipper gets a new flagship, probably $3400USD
It would be tough to swallow for an ordinary consumer. It's money that'd be entirely disposed of. It's hard to conceive of a non-business oriented task that would warrant the cores/threads to justify the cost. For businesses and prosumers; however, the necessity would be obvious if one exists all.


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I have a video processing customer that buys a workstation every few years to replace one of the three he uses. Next time he orders, I hope he can afford the Threadripper as it along will likely outperform the total output of his three existing machines. I will also recommend a GeForce 2080 Ti to make this beast state of the art for Photoshop processing. More than likely we'll simply provide the best cost performance possible for whatever his budget will be. AMD is to be thanked for once again bringing competition and creativity to the high end of CPUs.
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