AMD FX CPU either not reporting temps right or coolest CPU ever

By lp670sv
Mar 30, 2012
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  1. Hey guys a couple weeks back I got an AMD-FX 8120 cpu for my new build and have had....well I wouldn't really call it a problem. I know this thing is supposed to be seriously overclockable, that's one of the reason I bought it but it just seems like the temps I'm getting CAN'T be real. I have it overclocked to 4.0 GHz right now with the stock cooler and after running Prime 95 for 12 hours with 4 different temp monitors running the highest reading I got on any of them was only 63 degrees Celsius. That's an .8 ghz overclock with only increase the temps by 3 degrees. Something is wrong with my sensor right? I mean the thing Idles at around 21 degrees which is just above room temp for me so that makes sense but I just feel like with the overclocking I've done and not changing the stock fan and heatsink it should be higher. I'm not using the AMD overdrive software I turned that off and increased the multiplier so it's not that it's shutting cores down or anything all 8 cores are running at 4.0 ghz and it's ridiculously cool for the amount of overclocking with everything being stocked. I plan to go higher on the overclock once I get a new cooler but if the sensor is off I don't want to go much higher and risk frying it. Is there anyway I can be absolutely sure it's giving me the proper reading? Thanks ahead of time.
  2. fimbles

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    The fx processors do give out wrong readings with a lot of temprature monitors, Hwmonitor gives the correct temps for the fx processors as my brother uses it for his 8150. His idles in the 30 degree zone with a noctua dh14.

    63 celsius is too hot, 61 is the reccomended max temp.
  3. dikbozo

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    I find that when overclocking AMD CPUs the temperature IC is usually disabled and/or gives the wrong readings. I recall this behavior since at least the days of Sockets 754 and 939.

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