AMD hires J.P. Morgan to help value assets and explore options (Updated)

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Advanced Micro Devices has reportedly hired J.P. Morgan to help them explore options moving forward. The bank will be in charge of advising the struggling chip maker with regards to selling the whole company or possibly splitting their operations, according...

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Very very sad news lately with AMD. Bulldozer were just numbers in specs but didn't achieve what most of us expected; they have to re-think marketing strategy and company goals if they want to preveil just like Intel did with the 386 and "Intel Inside" when they were selling their own processor with Compaq.

I don't remember any AMD's sloggan, or marketing to position their products, give people in general an idea of how they're different, what they're targeting and why you should buy them and not the competitor's. Not just "we sell our chips cheaper". And companies like Dell should also sell more models with AMD as option; Intel is practicly everywhere. Making a long story short... they have to fight for more presence in the market, seduce buyers who don't care about benchmarks and need something that AMD can do better than Intel in their daily life basis.


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"...and give shareholders peace of mine..."

Arm? Leg? Also, one for all shareholders or one for each? You might be left with no body if it was the latter.


"[SIZE=13px]Its the time Apple buy whole AMD company."[/SIZE]

Thanks for destroying the whole internet with that comment.
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