AMD officially launches A-Series processors for notebooks

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Jun 14, 2011
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  1. Continuing with its Fusion family rollout AMD has now officially launched their A-Series of accelerated processing units -- or APUs. Unlike the low-power flavor of Fusion chips already on the…

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  2. its pretty sad AMD and websites have resorted to attacking Intel graphics, when all Intel has done is made what little they had, better, and AMD jumps on them like they're king of the effin jungle. AMD is doing this because the CPU side of their APU's offer nothing over their current Phenom's which is a lackluster and inefficient micro architecture. Intel never said that their old or new IGP/HD Graphics were designed to take on AMD or nVIDIA, only saying they are up to descrete graphics card level, albeit low end ones. AMD is a CPU chipmaker first, yet they got nothing to take on big blue, so they resort to cheap shots. man the eff up AMD! if Intel one day purchased nVIDIA, AMD would be fighting them with lawyers instead of some weak *** GPU comparison tests they try to embarrass Intel with.
  3. dividebyzero

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  4. Haha first guest just got WTFPwnd. If the graphics are better then why not flaunt it. Worst case scenario for us is intel finally get of their arses and stop holding back tech because of no competition.
  5. Burty117

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    Thanks for the link to the Tom's hardware one, AMD does actually have a serious graphics horse with the A8 APU! and almost doubling the battery life over what Intel has?! thats impressive!
  6. Kibaruk

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    Good sir if I may have 2 please!

    Intel fanboy tears are delicious.
  7. Jibberish18

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    Even though the CPU is seriously lacking today's horsepower compared to Intel, I'd still like one of these laptops. With the emphasis that is being placed on GPU's nowadays (even browsers), a good GPU is almost essential. I wish they would've redesigned the CPU's but I know why they didn't. Either way, the $200 bucks or less I maybe saving over a Intel laptop, I think I'd put towards the purchase of an overpriced SSD. :)
  8. zillion

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    Im glad AMD is getting some marketshare in this category if this turns out to be true, i do wonder tho how they managed to manipulate the numbers to tell a 75% increase in gpu performance while adding a discrete gpu, either it is the increase from the build in gpu (which means the discrete gpu is too weak or the build in is too OP) or it is a 75% increase from a discrete (which means the discrete is crap).

    Anyway this segment is not something branded at my needs.
  9. I'm waiting for 28 and 22 nanometer processors, 35W TDP is high and 45W TDP is too much for a notebook... I want a more efficient thing.
  10. Jibberish18

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    That's quite the quote. For one I don't think it's all about the die size that determines efficiency. Most of the inefficiency today seems like it stems from the amount of time it takes for voltage to go up and down. For two, the smaller you go, the harder it is to prevent power leaks. I remember reading a few years back that while Intel had already moved down to .45 nm processing, AMD was still refining its .65 nm process with the help of IBM.
  11. I'll take the bottome one for use in a tasty lttle HTPC please .. then in years to come, when I move up to 4kx2k Ultrares, I can just ad another low power consuming discrete GPU. Whilst still saving the planet and my electrobills.
    Amd just needs a bit of software that leverages their APU's .. like Games??

    Which is the most popular operating system worldwide? not really windows, it just sells the most
  12. Hey, but vga tdp + gpu tdp = 45W is good result
  13. * Sorry I meant CPU+GPU :)
  14. Row1

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    45 watt sounds pretty good, but i expect 32nm to be lower, also.
    I built a low power low heat desktop around AMD 605E, supposed to be at 45 watt tdp.
    So, when stressed, my computer uses at most 75 watts, per kill-a-watt.

    That chip hasn't been available for over a year, so it is pretty old in CPU years.

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