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Oct 19, 2007
  1. Being new to this site.(So will say hi! to everyone.) I have an unusual Amd processor and wandered if anybody could help me with this.I have checked all the sites I know and come up with a big fat zero.So would appreciate if anyone has information on it or where I could get it.
    Spec as follows:::AMD Athlon2900+ Barton
    AIXJB 0601 WPAW
    OPGA/V-Core-1.600v/T-Die-85degrees Cent/L2 Cache-512mhz/FSB-266mhz.
    Said it was unusual. Any person with any help on this chip would be very much appreciated.Not a bad one for the first post.Start scraching your heads.Cheers.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You have an Athlon XP 2900+ CPU. More details on it here.
    Do you want to buy one? Well, here is a link, just in case.
  3. nickslick74

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    Found this on Wiki, though it seems strange that you show yours to be a 266mhz bus instead of the usual 400mhz for Barton cores.

    [edit] Athlon XP "Barton" (Model 10, 130 nm)
    CPU-ID: 6-A-0
    All models support: MMX, SSE, Enhanced 3DNow!
    Athlon XP 2900+2,6 2000 MHz 512 KiB 400 MT/s 10.0x 1.65 V ? AXDA2900DKV4E

    Note 2: Minimal quantity shipped
    Note 6: The XP 2900+ is an OEM Barton chip (Made for SystemMax).
  4. nickslick74

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    LOL rage, we both linked the to the same thing, I was just too slow!

    That is a lot of money for a very old processor. Bartons were good, but not that good!
  5. Cinders

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  6. s.base

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    Thank you for your quick replies.Most of the sites you mention I have been on and yes they show only the 400mhz chips.The spec I gave you is off the actual chip and is a 266fsb not the 400.There dosen't seem to be any information on this chip at all.Someone must know somethink about it.I'll keep digging.I'll put it in a 266fsb board and see what it comes up with if anything and post details.Thanks for the help.
  7. MrGaribaldi

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    Why not put it in a 400fsb board, and see what settings it takes?
    Will it downclock the fsb to 266 and ramp the multiplier, or take the normal 400 with the corresponding mulitiplier?
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