AMD processors with AMD motherboards

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Feb 21, 2005
  1. this is just out of curiosity really. But i should be getting a job soon so i'll be able 2 get some good upgrades for my computer. I'm more of an AMD person myself, thats all i've used before so may as well stick with that rather than going for pentium. Anyhoo i've spyed out alot of processors and motherboards and i just wanted to be safe, will any AMD processor go with any AMD motherboard?

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    No. You need to pay attention to the socket the CPU uses (Socket A, 754, 939, 940) then you get a board which has the same socket or you decide on a board then you get a CPU which can fit on the socket.
  3. james_k1988

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    oh ok m8 thanx alot.when i decide on what motherboard and processor i want ill post to make sure i get he right gear :)
  4. MrDJ009

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    Motherboard dictates the processor

    When you choose a MB check it's specs carefully. All MB's are made to be compatible with specific processors. All MB's that I've bought over the past 13 years have had good to excellent documentation. You can generally find the specs for any decent MB on the manufacturers web site. User manuals are usually available as well. I would never buy a MB without a user manual.
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    if u have one of the high end nvidia cards then get a board with SLI, and get an ASUS board, with SLI u can have 2 video cards working at once with incredible results. u also dont have to have 2 vid cards, u can have 1 for now and hopefully u will get a 2nd expecially if ur a hardcore gamer.
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    twin video cards

    no way can you do that :eek:i never thought you could do that and get better results. i figured hte mobo would jsut pick one card as the default and use only that. cheers m8, anew item to my xmas list lol.

    p.s. prob is i dont have a high end video card. its a GeForce fx 5700VE 256mb which i still cant find on any sites lol and considering it was only £60 it cant be one of the best models out :p
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    new build

    i just bought a MSI K7N2 Delta 2 Platinum motherboard and AMD Athlon XP 3200+,and kingston ddr/400/pc3200 memory1G. the 3 play together very well. as far as boards and processers it all depends on what you expect your pc to do.
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    I just purchased all the hardware for my new system upgrade.

    Read the specs, then go read reviews. Thats the best way to actually make decisions on what parts are best for you. alot of reviews have benchmarks also.

    One thing I will say, and this is from working in a building full of computer geeks (of which I am one) Asus makes some good boards. But be fully prepared if something is wrong with it, to wait. Because I know of people and computer stores that have had to wait 6 mos. or more for replacement parts. Asus has the worst customer service.

    I would never by an asus board due to that reason.
    I can not be without my computer,

    on that note here are my new specs.

    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
    AMD 64 3000+
    2 x 512 PQI PC3200
    Nvidia 6600Gt

    I'm really happy about everything I have read on all this hardware.
    especially the PQI DDR ram.
    More bang for the buck.
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