AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT Review: Is This GPU DOA at $900?

Card is great; drivers are terrible; some games do not even work at all (like Project Cars 2015). Also in some games like Shadow of Chernobyl; disabling vsync via AMD control panel has no effect (works with nvidia cards by contrast). Finally Anisotropic Filtering via the control panel has been borked for months; if you have to use it then set it at 8x...otherwise you get a blurry mess any higher than that.

It's a real shame a card of such potential has such lazy drivers.
Would be great to have a few more demanding games/settings added to your suite to show how narrow the performance gap can be; something like Kingdom Come Deliverance, X-Plane12, RDR2, GTA 5 @Max settings @1440p/4k can paint a very different pcture between cards.