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AMD Radeon Software fixes R9 390 series performance in Doom

By Scorpus ยท 5 replies
May 16, 2016
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  1. In our performance review of Doom – id Software's new fast-paced first person shooter – we noted that the performance delivered by AMD's Radeon R9 390 and R9 390X was below what we expected, giving an easy win to Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970.

    AMD has acknowledged the issue with Doom on their R9 390 series graphics cards, and has pushed out a Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver update to improve performance. Gamers who install version can expected to see performance increases of up to 35% when playing Doom on the R9 390 or R9 390X.

    If AMD's claims about performance improvements are correct, the R9 390X should now come much closer to matching the performance of the GTX 970 in Doom, especially at lower resolutions where it struggled.

    As always, you can grab the Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers from here, or let Radeon Settings perform an automatic update for you.

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  2. tbone8ty

    tbone8ty TS Rookie

    So are you going to update your benchmark article?

    we are waiting
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  3. Veiran

    Veiran TS Rookie

    Does this only apply to the 390/X? Not to say I'm disappointed with my R9 Nano, yet max settings at 1080p only yields 30-60 fps in my configuration. Granted, it could be my AMD FX 8370E or my DDR3 1600 RAM bottlenecking me, though I was hoping for more given the high profile for the R9 Fury cards.
  4. Veiran

    Veiran TS Rookie

    That is: 16GB DDR3 1600 RAM*
  5. JetFixxxer

    JetFixxxer TS Enthusiast Posts: 41   +6

    I'm running dual 390X and I can't get CF to work as of right now.
  6. Ryan McGraw

    Ryan McGraw TS Rookie

    I'm not sure on which cards it affects, but I can tell you I'm getting 80-90 FPS average with my Sapphire 390 and FX-8350 @ 4.3 with these new drivers. Great performance.

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