AMD revises Radeon R9 Fury X pump block to kill high-pitched whine

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Jul 2, 2015
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    While the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X has been praised for its compact PCB and powerful closed-loop liquid cooling solution, many Fury X owners noticed that the pump block included with the card emits an annoying high-pitched whine, ruining what would otherwise be a very quiet cooler.

    AMD has been aware of the pump block's whine since the card launched, stating that the issue is limited to "a very small batch of initial production samples". The company has worked with Cooler Master, the designer of the Fury X's cooler, to "improve the acoustic profile of the pump", saying the issue has been resolved through a fix that has already been "added to production parts".

    Although an initial investigation into the issue by PC Perspective revealed that some retail Fury X cards do not include this fix for the pump whine, some users are beginning to report that their recently-purchased Fury X's do include an updated cooler. The new cooler is identified via a chrome-colored Cooler Master logo underneath the front plate, as opposed to a white and teal colored logo used for initial units.

    Unfortunately there is currently no way of knowing whether the Fury X you purchase will come with an updated cooler without opening the box and testing it out. Until updated Fury X cards flood the market, this presents a significant issue for potential Fury X buyers who understandably want to avoid a noisy pump block.

    If AMD is to be believed though, it shouldn't be too long before the vast majority of Fury Xs are fixed, especially considering how quickly they addressed the issue. But if you are interested in purchasing a new Fury X, it might be wise to wait a few weeks until new stock has arrived at your local retailer.

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  2. VitalyT

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    Kill every sound, AMD, but the whining will continue...
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  3. Ohh you made a funny!!! :D

    "Unfortunately there is currently no way of knowing whether the Fury X you purchase will come with an updated cooler without opening the box and testing it out."

    Sure there is...just wait a few extra days/weeks. ;)
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  4. Well at least when amd releases a new card it isnt plagued with only being able to use 3.5gb of its 4gb of ram lol. loudness can be conquered with a headset or ear buds, which im sure most people buying this card have for their gaming needs.
  5. Evernessince

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    The issue was fixed very quick so not many cards are going to have the issue. Good chance AMD or the OEM will offer to replace the old pump with the new one if you do manage to get the old version.
  6. Steve

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    Agreed I don't think it will be a big issue in the end, time will tell though.

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