AMD shifts Mantle's focus in wake of DX12 and GLnext

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Mar 3, 2015
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  1. GDC 2015 is set to be a big event for news relating to DirectX 12 and Vulkan (GLnext), two updated low-level graphics APIs set to squeeze more performance out of PC graphics cards. So what is happening to Mantle, AMD's already-released alternative that provides similar benefits?

    According to AMD's Robert Hallock, Mantle is shifting focus away from being just another low-level API. While the company will be releasing a programming guide and API reference for Mantle this month, they've canned plans for a public SDK release and have effectively made the API end-of-life in its current "1.0" iteration.

    Mantle will still be supported for existing partners, but for any new developers looking to implement Mantle, AMD suggests you turn your attention to DirectX 12 or Vulkan instead. This isn't overly surprising, as both of these APIs will be more widely supported and will provide a similar feature set that includes low-level programming.

    While Mantle is not going to compete with other low-level APIs moving forward, it will continue to serve as AMD's "graphics innovation platform available to select partners with custom needs". More information about Mantle's future will be revealed later during GDC.

    It should be noted that these plans for Mantle's future only concern the API world post-DX12. There are still several DX11-era titles that will (most likely) be released with Mantle support in the coming months, such as several upcoming Frostbite games. Mantle will also continue to work in existing games and will continue to be supported in drivers.

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  2. Give it less than 2 years and Mantle will be forgotten by most. Companies look to the future not the past. Mantle is becoming the past and most already know it.
  3. ikesmasher

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    thats pretty much what the article says, yea....
  4. You're kidding right?

    Like I get it, Mantle is falling into the background but if it wasn't for Mantle do you REALLY think Microsoft would have felt the need to push massive performance gains in DX12? Mantle may not survive but it's the reason why DX is attempting to actually push the envelop, for too long pc gamers have sat in the fields of **** software-> hardware communication and it should have changed years ago, It's unbelievable to see quadcore or better having such poor usage in games in 2015. Games are supposed to evolve, not just look prettier and this was a step to help consumers understand there's more to games than just graphic cards ROPS, Gflops, Vram and max memory. ALOT more.

    I don't use Mantle but I appreciate what AMD was trying to do and so should every single pc gamer no matter what brands they purchase.
  5. dividebyzero

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    Why? The posts above yours simply state that Mantle will fade from the public consciousness, which is in all probability what will happen.
    No one is arguing this, so why the big diatribe?
    If you wanted to split hairs, Mantle actually came about more due to DICE wanting a PC gaming version of the "close to metal" APIs used in consoles (DX 11.x, GNM, GNMX) - and DICE actually were the prime mover for Mantle, yet are completely overlooked for their part in its development.

    A second point, is that the "close to metal" approach for desktop gaming was being developed concurrently with Mantle by both AMD and Nvidia ( who had a full implementation doing the rounds at SIGGRAPH mere months after Mantle was launched).

    Mantle left a legacy of pushing low overhead utilization into the PC gaming arena faster than it would have done if Mantle hadn't arrived (certainly as far as D3D is concerned), but I suspect the overall impression will be AMD once again biting off more than it can chew, and the companies marketing/PR digging a hole that that the companies R&D couldn't escape from.
  6. Puiu

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    It was fun while it lasted. they can still use the APIs in other places.

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