AMD shows low-power C-50 Fusion chip for tablets


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AMD's Fusion platform is gaining a few backers among computer manufacturers for bringing solid performance and graphics to thin and light laptops without having to sacrifice too much battery life. But as you probably have already noticed, tablets are the rising stars of the market and the Sunnyvale chip designer wants as piece of the action.

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I wonder how the C-50 compares to something such as the Tegra 2 chip in terms of Graphics and Processing performance? I mention the Tegra 2 since it has a pretty powerful GPU with the Dual Core Cortex A9.


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I was wondering the same thing, @Jibberish18. Will be interesting once the comparative reviews start hitting, putting the best low-power showings from Intel, AMD, and ARM/nVidia up against each other.

But, I can imagine that it's very difficult to truly compare platform to platform. It's not like the PC world, where you can have fairly standardized sets of hardware to use across the board, which makes it more of a true component test. These low-power systems have very different support electronics and packaging, which I would assume makes a true head-to-head comparison challenging.


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For starter you cant compare (head to head at least) a fusion chip to a cpu+video. You cant compare it price or performance wise because its not the same component market, however we will soon find out the differences.