Amd socket issue plz help

By manolis69
Sep 2, 2006
  1. I just want to buy a new comp and i found an Amd Athlon 64 3800+ Dual core socket 939.When i went to a the shop to order the stuff he told me that i should get a 940 i found the same Cpu but with 940 socket but when i tried to find a 940 socket motherboard a couldnt and it was only AM2.Is Am2 and 940 sockets the same? plz help me
  2. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    I think they are the same.
  3. i_am_a_newbie

    i_am_a_newbie TS Rookie Posts: 170

    No! they are not the same.

    socket AM2 technically has 940 pins, but it uses a DDR2 controller as opposed to a DDR one that the 940's use. Completely different, do not mix them up.

    AM2 would be the one you want if you want a more "future-proof" solution.
  4. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    o ya AMD Opteron has 940pins aswell.
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