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AMD talks about upcoming C32, G34 server platforms

By Justin
Aug 4, 2009
  1. Given AMD’s failed attempt at a desktop comeback with the Phenom, and Phenom II’s impressive but not show-stopping performance, their next few moves have been anticipated by many. John Fruehe, Director of Business Development for AMD, recently solicited and answered several questions about what they have in store. Although particularly referring to workstation and servers, an area they have a good reputation in, their moves here may give a hint on what\'s in store for desktops in the future.

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  2. Fruehe is a fruit. C32 socket won't be competitive due to dual channel DDR3 and only 4 DIMMs per socket. Nehalem-EP dual socket system has triple channel DDR3 and 9 DIMMs er socket, and C32 will be creamed since inception.

    G34 would fare a little better, but the MCM design clearly made sure that only 4 way scalability is possible(since the MCM design is a two way internally already) and AMD hasn't made any core level tweaking for performance per watt metric.

    Imagine doing MCM for two Istanbul chips(currently rated 115W for normal version, and 79W for HE edition). That means the 12 core G34 chip will have approximately 230W for normal, and 158W for HE editions. And the 12 core G34 chip will barely beat the Westmere-EP 6 Core with Hyperthreading. Nehalem-EX 4 way system would leave the 4-way G34 and 8-way Socket F in the dust, while Nehalem-EX 8 way system would be the king for at least 2-3 years going forward.
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