An easy to read getsysinfo report for Kaspersky users

By Highpass46
Dec 31, 2010
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  1. Hey I hope I don't tread on anyone's toes with this but I came across a useful little ( and genuine Kaspersky app) for those of us newbies (computers) who like KIS, KAV, and Pure for security.
    My post to another (local) forum.

    Have found a nice little tool for newbies go to – expect the gurus probably know re this already :-

    Download (save) the GSI from there (I saved mine on my taskbar for future use)

    Run it as admin it doesn't take long.
    You end up with a screen that says you have successfully created etc etc then goes to a screen titled GetSystemInfo Parser 2.96 – Window Internet Explorer (may need enlarging to full screen)

    My file number was at

    In the middle of the screen there is a dark red box with that report address in it (one above was just one I generated).

    Where it says at the bottom of the red box for experts -"click here" and you will get a really easy to read, navigate, and understand albeit I suspect some might say probably too simplistic interface with any probs that have been found.
    It also lists all of the system details in the readout which I thought was a good little feature – knowing it was quoting my machine's specs and not some other one (bit para you see)

    Anyway I like it to trying to read through those great long screeds of numbers and codes etc that I don't understand.

    Have a try nothing to lose as it's Kaspersky generated – for those of us who like anything Kaspersky -KIS KAV and Pure.

    Oh and I think you have to join up to that forum to get this.

    But I found / find it useful.

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