Analysts expect iPad Mini to cannibalize standard iPad sales by 15-20%


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After years of rumors, Apple is finally expected to launch a smaller version of its iPad next Tuesday, October 23. Although the device is technically still unconfirmed, various leaks suggest that it will have a 7.85-inch display and may come...

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That's the definition of canabalization, it always refers to displacing your own product. If the mini iPad were to take away sales from a competitor it would be eroding the competitor's market share.


"[SIZE=14px]for every five million smaller iPads, you lose one million standard iPads"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]even this iPad mini cannibalize iPad sales up to 20%, but let see how much profit generated by Apple? I bet no matter how normal iPad's sales down by 20%, iPad mini sales will more-than-enough to cover the normal iPad losses[/SIZE]


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There is a quote in the Steve Jobs biography that explains this, which I really like (I'm not an Apple fanboy, don't worry), and I remember the jist of it:

'If you don't cannibalize your own sales, someone else will instead'

Basically meaning they can afford to cannibilize their own sales, because if they don't Microsoft or Asus (I mention them because of their new Padfone 2) could create something better instead. So really, they are trying to keep the iPad alive and modern.
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iPhone cannibalized the iPod. iPad cannibalized the Macs. iPad will cannibalize iPads?

Yet Apple is taking more revenue year by year.

Did analysts analyze this kind of irrelevant stuff 6-7 years ago? Did anyone complained iPod mini/nano would cannibalize the original iPod?


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This is not cannabilization of Ipad orginal sales.This one is to compete with other samller tabs from Samsung,Sony,Acer,Asus,Google and many more other companies.Sale of Ipad mini will overall boost the sale of apple tablets.