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Android P feature will turn your phone into a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard (update)

By midian182
Mar 7, 2018
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  1. Update: The developer preview of Android P is now available.

    With the developer version of Android P expected to arrive next week, we’re discovering more features in the next version of Google’s mobile OS. According to XDA-Developers, one of these will be the ability to turn your phone into a Bluetooth input device so it can be used as a wireless keyboard or mouse.

    The publication writes that Android P, known internally as 'Pistachio Ice Cream' at Google, will support the Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) profile, which allows a handset to function as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard.

    Support for Bluetooth HID was added to Android back in December 2016 but is only now being enabled for Android P. Native support should allow developers to include the feature in their software, meaning users will no longer have to root their device and download apps like Bluetooth+ to use their smartphones as Bluetooth input devices.

    While swapping your keyboard and mouse for a phone might not sound amazing, and there are already apps that can perform similar functions using Wi-Fi, the feature could be useful in scenarios such as giving workplace presentations or when using a phone as a PC media center remote.

    Other expected Android P features include support for iPhone X-style notches in Android handsets. It’s long been rumored that manufacturers are set to copy Apple’s design, and we’ve already seen this in the Zenfone 5, Noa N10, and LG’s G7 (or whatever it will end up being called), among others.

    Android P is also reported to come with a revamped Material Design Interface and a security feature that stops malicious apps from accessing a phone’s camera.

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  2. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,705   +988

    I'm about to just say screw it, and get a Pixel type phone.
    By the time MOST manufacturers and or carriers get around to releasing the update
    to take advantage of any new features (not to mention security patches), it's about
    time for the NEXT rollout of Android.
    I got mine in November '17, but I was on the beta, most users of my phone didn't get
    it until almost February.

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