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Apple, in my experience, Apple required the passcode to reset it to factory, not the android I was using back then, a couple years ago.

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Apple. More Convenience, Robust Performance, More Control, And More User Friendly. And Yes, it has no copy cats in the market.


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Apple. More Convenience, Robust Performance, More Control, And More User Friendly. And Yes, it has no copy cats in the market.
sorry to disappoint you, but the functions of apple compared with note 20 is like comparing a calculator with a laptop.


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I had Android for years. Then I tried iPhone, and never looked back, on my 3rd now, Company pays tho, so I don't care about pricing. Everything just works on iOS. Apps are way better optimized and bugfree. iOS bugs get fixed fast and support is waaaay longer than Android; 5-6 years vs 1-2 years.

I'm now caught in Apple's eco system, because it just works. AirPods Pro is awesome and BT never EVER drops out, always works. On my Androids BT always had issues (Example; When I pressed Play in Music Apps, sometimes the Phone started playing, even tho last device was BT Headphones, NEVER happends on iPhone.) I see people with Android phones in the gym having these issues still. So funny when **** music starts playing loudly :joy:

I don't fiddle around with my phone much tho. It just needs to work and iPhone works for sure + long support (security and bugfixes guarranteed).

Often when you read about iOS bugs, Apple releases a patch in days. Apple actually care, and fixes are mostly easy because there's so few devices. Android have 1000s of different configs, so Apps won't be as optimized and you will see way more bugs, atleast I did.

On Android, you are on your own after 1 year for most devices... Some bugs are never fixed and you have to flash custom ROMs, thats what I did on most my Android phones in the end, because manufacturer stopped releasing bug and security fixes, and I had flagship devices.

Only Google Pixel devices started offing decent support lately, 2-3 years. Still only half of what Apple typically does but way better than most Android phones. 2 years of support should be ABSOLUTE MINIMUM if you ask me. Regardless of low-end or high-end. If you make a phone, then support it! Most low to mid-end Androids phones won't get it tho. Because cheap and they will rather sell you a new one after 1-2 years.

Never cheap out on anything in life.. Mid-end is bare minimum..

Low-end will always disappoint and last WAY LESS = Ends up more expensive in the end.
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Ridiculiusly easy question for me, Apple. Its faster and more compatible. It’s more locked down but it more than covers my needs, we get 4-5 years of software support and resale value is far higher than any other phone.