Annoying problem

By montyq
Aug 2, 2008
  1. my problem Is this?? the power options are as follows monitor& hard disks = off. standy = 30 min. If win xp Is unattended for a longer period then 30 min. & has gone to sleep, when I wake It from Its snooze windows re-loads as If I hit the power button. You know going thru bios, loading personal settings, all that. any thots?? thanks.
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    Your settings possibly need some tweeking. Remember that you have controls in
    Control Panel-> Power Options->Power Options Properties
    Control Panel-> System->Properties->Advanced
    Control Panel->Administrative Tools ->Computer Management
    Control Panel->Display ->Display Properties->Screen Saver
    Control Panel->Display-Monitor Power
    among others
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    I've checked into control panel nothing there helps with standby. even when I force standby the pc blinks goes down momentarially , & then re-boots
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