Another ATI Radeon 9250 problem

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Jun 8, 2007
  1. I'm trying to do the initial install of drivers for a Radeon 9250 AGP 4X. When I run through the auto install it ends up telling me it failed with "data invalid." When I run install from the CD it fails and tells me to try installing a VGA driver first.

    Device manager displays the card as two devices under Other: Video Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible). Both have the yellow question mark flags.

    I tried manually installing a VGA driver, but after I select the type as display adapter it only shows me ATI drivers.

    I've gone back and reinstalled the original video card without problems, and then uninstalled the drivers and the device and shut down so I can do a clean install. The results are the same.

    Any ideas?
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  3. LMO

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    I tried the driver that was bundled with the card, the update from ATI, and the one from All with the same results. I'll try the driver cleaner pgm and see what happens.
  4. LMO

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    Tried Driver Cleaner Pro and ended up with the same results.

    Thanks for the help. I'm starting to think this card will not work in my system.

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