Another multi-thread guide!

By Marnomancer
Jul 12, 2012
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  1. Aye, amigos!
    The last time, this wasn't really planned. But somehow, it ended up in this - a multi-part write up, appreciated by the community. Ah, sweet success. :D
    The series isn't complete yet, as there are a number of things to deal with. Home renovations slowed things down at the time of Part II (still are), then college started, and the study-load and the sudden fine appearance teenage females distributing my attention, and now the unexpected size of the new graphic card forcing me to redraw the drafts.
    Nutshell, Part III will take a looong time.

    Temporarily, I've got something new to keep me occupied.
    (drum-roll please....)
    (pause for effect....)

    The Ultimate *buntu Tweak Guide!
    Okay, quite an unimaginative name for one of my guides. I'm still thinking of a good one.
    This is rather long, pulling together all it can. It's more of a journal/diary.
    Here's a little excerpt from Part I, Chapter 5.

    Looks good? Needs changes? I'm discussing it in depth with Leeky as I go on, so factual accuracy will improve overtime.​
    What say?​

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