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Jun 6, 2007
  1. I recently got asked to build a computer for someone, i tried installing the OS onto it the first time it failed saying that some file it needed to install was missing. I tried again and this time it went through but after it had finished installing it kept having hangups and freezing. I decided to try another time to install the OS onto it and it finished, but now the dvd read function of the cd/dvd drive is not working :mad: ...

    What I am wondering is if the SATA drive is the problem because I normally would be installing onto IDE hard drives.

    The board is an ECS Elitegroup P4M900T-M, and the hard drive is a Samsung 250 GB 3gb/s.

    Another thing once the computer has fully booted up, the hard drive is showing as a removable drive :confused: , i am just wondering if it is supposed to be showing as such. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Try checking BIOS settings. This removable drive thingie is called hot plug, and is determined weather a SATA drive is set to RAID or nonRAID mode in bios.
  3. Tedster

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    you need to install SATA drivers when installing windows. If the drive is external, remove it when installing windows.
  4. mailpup

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    Yes, that is perfectly normal. Don't worry about it.
  5. Jacal

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    Ok first question is, does the hard drive come with the drivers and does one always have to install drivers for SATA hard drives or do some of them not have to be installed / self-installation drives.

    Also i changed the dvd/cd drive and it started reading my dvd again but it still has problems loading things onto it. I tried loading on the game that came with the graphics card and it would not run.

    And what removable thingie are you talking about please explain further, the only thing i know about that can be removed and placed back on the hard drive is a jumper pin that controls the speed of the hard drive, and the motherboard can handle the full 3gb/s so i never bother to put it on. Is the thing you are talking about in the bios settings and where is it located if possible.
  6. mailpup

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    The hard drive does not come with SATA drivers. Those come with the motherboard or can be downloaded from the motherboard manufacturer's website. If you have Windows XP with SP2 (it would help if you said which OS you're trying to install), it does have some SATA drivers, like for some Intel controllers. However, the ones supplied with the motherboard are likely to be more recent and would be better to install. Most of the time you should go ahead and install the SATA/RAID drivers at F6 when the opportunity arises.

    For your new DVD/CD drive, did you set the jumper at the back to the same position to which the old one was set? That is, master, slave or cable select?

    The removal thing I'm talking about is in the task tray. There is an icon that will give you the option of stopping a device before its removal from the system. This will appear when you use a USB device too, such as a flash drive or an external drive. In the case of a SATA drive, if is your only drive, I don't think you can remove it anyway in this manner since it should always give you a message that the device is in use and can't be removed.
  7. Jacal

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    So sorry the OS i am trying to install is windows xp SP2...with the CD drive i changed it to master where as the previous was on slave (they are on seperate cables).

    I will try to install them, right now i am on lunch break :p

    edit: off lunch break now :p ....KFC gooddddddddd yum:slurp:
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