Another Sim 2 Problem!

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Feb 1, 2005
  1. I'm having trouble getting the Sims 2 to run. I have the DVD-ROM version and have 2 DVD drives. I've never had a problem installing or running any software in the past. I get an error message: "Cannot Locate the CD-ROM".

    I thought it should be looking for a DVD-ROM? With all correspondence with Electronic Arts, they always send me the same information about checking for emulation software such as Alcohol 120 which I don't have. It also recommends opening the CD-ROM, re-inserting it and restarting the application. Tried that!

    I dug around in the support files that loaded during install and found a little program that you can run to see if there were any conflicts. It liked the Directx9.0 that I had, but it questioned the driver I was using for the display. So, I downloaded the newest from nVidia.

    Can anyone offer some help. I'm running Win2000 on an AMD Athlon 2500, with 750 mbs ram, nVidia GeForce4 MX440 PCI video card (64mb), on an ASUS motherboard A7V600-X.
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    Have you tried disabling the second drive (or just unplugging the cables)?

    Not a very practical solution, but it might work. Game companies just don't want to admit their copy protection systems don't work properly.
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    I've disconnected all of the IDE drives (harddrives and DVDs... except for one DVD drive to run the game) and still no luck. My C drive is a SATA (SCSI drive). Do you think that may be the problem?
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    Hardly, as many hard disk drives these days are SATA (it's serial ATA, different from SCSI, by the way).

    Maybe the drive letter is the problem (although that sounds unlikely too). It can be changed from Disk Management (in Administrative Tools - Computer Management).

    Just to clarify: You managed to install it, but now the game won't start?
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    some times the problem is not only DVD or CD drives, you may have the bestest of computer and operating system.
    For example my commandos 2 does not run on windos 2000, and like i was saying win 2000 does not support many many games. It was actually that professional users demanded a better operating system then 98 for their office job and so the MS people came up with 2000, then gamers demanded a good system and they came up with XP. So if you have 2000 dont worry, the prob might just be with the operating system and not your hardware.
    In tha case you will hve to play around in Regedit till you get the setings right to play the game.(change the settings only in safe mode, this does not hurt you comp)
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Excusez-moi, I have played The Sims 2 (international CD version) just fine in Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.
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