another USB drive issue

By sparky_dave
May 8, 2006
  1. I am having USB drive support issues with WinXP

    USB multimedia devices present OK with digital camera and audio device.
    USB flash drives or SD card reader with SD 128MB card inserted detected but not assigned a drive letter.
    Manual assignment OK. Drives can then be “opened” with folder contents accessible but not “explored”, path not found. I can’t format the devices either
    There are no mapped network drives and there never have been.
    There are no problem devices in device manager
    I use the "Safely Remove" tool.
    I have also tried to use the setting, optimize for quick removal. Then not needing the "Safely Remove" tool.

    I am running Winxp Pro SP2 with latest updates 4_2006
    Mach speed P4M800 motherboard with via tech chipset
    Latest USB 2.0 drivers
    I have tried USB Legacy Support with USB and no Legacy Support with USB support in cmos setup
    I have tried both front USB ports and all of the rear USB ports
    I have removed all the devices and reinstalled all the USB devices
    The devices all work on any other PC
    thanks in advance,
  2. sparky_dave

    sparky_dave TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Changed the value in the registry from 4 to 1
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]


    Unplugged ALL USB devices.
    Openned Device Manager.
    View, Show Hidden Devices.
    Uninstalled all devices under USB Controllers.
    Uninstalled all devices under Disk Drives that I knew are not present.
    Uninstalled all devices under Storage Volumes. Said no to any reboot prompts untilI was finished.
    When this was done, rebooted TWICE.

    Reconnected the USB devices and saw that they're recognized properly.
    still no driver letter

    thanks in advance
  3. sparky_dave

    sparky_dave TS Rookie Topic Starter

    solved: I am having USB drive support issues with WinXP

    Flail128 nailed this!!!
    renaming spdt.sys solved this issue
    I do not know what installed this, and may never know; since I have 3 teens here
    thanks again
    could not see how to mark this as solved...
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