Another virus detected (Trojan.Jakposh)

By skeuos
Feb 12, 2008
  1. A week ago, my weekly NAV scan detected and deleted Hacktool.Rootkit. I chronicled my fun trying to make sure my system is clean here: .

    My most recent virus scan turned up Trojan.Jakposh, another low-risk threat, and it was successfully deleted by NAV. However, this is my second threat in a week, so I'm beginning to suspect that I've been owned.

    I figure there are two options:
    1. Try really hard to eradicate any malware from my system. To that end, the aproposfix and hijackthis logfiles from my time trying to clean up after hacktool.rootkit are still in the thread linked above (the board wouldn't let me re-upload them). I would really appreciate it if anyone is able to have a look at them. If I get a chance to do new scans, I'll upload new versions.

    2. Ground up re-install of my OS. Not desirable, but do-able as I have a recovery partition on my hard drive. I'm also thinking of adding a router with a firewall (I'm DSL, and I've been using Norton's firewall, but two firewalls wouldn't be bad, would it?)

    All advice and any other alternatives are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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  3. skeuos

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    Thanks for the additional link. I'll follow it when I get a chance, and upload the logs.
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