Antec 900 Build, Fan Arrangement

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Dec 23, 2009
  1. Hello, everyone,

    I am in the middle of an assembly right now. Should have thought things over... but...

    I'm using the Antec 900 case with a Corsair TX750W PSU. The case comes with two front intake fans, a top exhaust fan, and a rear exhaust fan. The PSU is situated at the bottom/back of the case. The two intake fans take up 1/3 of the case each from the front.

    My problem is that the TX750 comes with so many frigging cables, that I don't know where to put them. By default, the case places its two front-facing fans on the bottom 2/3's of the case. I'm wondering if it would work out okay if I moved the fans to take up the top 2/3s of the case and have the TX750 wires shoved into the bottom compartment, where they won't impede airflow.

    Is that a good idea? Was there a purpose that one of the forward fans is placed at the bottom of the case?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. CMH

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    No point putting intake fans in front so close to the exhaust on top.

    I'd vote leave it.
  3. captaincranky

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    It's just a thought but, couldn't you bundle the excess PSU cables, and run them in the gap provided between the motherboard and drive cages, them shove the ends in an unused 3.5 inch bay. This does assume that you're not using the 3.5 inch bays, but if it's workable, it does clean up the case quite a bit.

    I wouldn't sacrifice airflow directly across the HDD cages by raising the fans either.

    Not to mention this seems like it would force you to reposition the optical drives in an awkward, unconventional location.
  4. matchu

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    Thanks for the replies, you two!

    regarding the hDD cages. Even with the setup i proposed, the HDD's are getting airfly directly from one fo the fans.

    The top three cages are empty with an intake fan
    The middle three cages have one HDD and an intake fan
    The bottom three cages are empty and currently have all my cables shoved into them

    I`m currently not using an optical drive.

    So, far, though, it looks like everybody has suggested keeping the original configuration.
  5. dividebyzero

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    Add me to the list.
    I use the TX750w by default in system builds as it's cheap, great performer and the cable length makes it suitable for use in virtually any mid/full tower chassis with either top or bottom psu mount.
    I built two systems using the Antec 1200 (same difference) -bound up the unused cabling with ties in two long bunches, then cable tied one bunch to the bottom of each side of the harddrive cage. On one build I adapted a Lian Li 2.5 inch harddrive bay adapter to pin the cables either side of it while still being able to use the bay for an SSD or 2.5in drive. The second build I thermoformed two 2mm strips of plexi so that they curved around the cables -they formed something like a gradual 2 sided funnel arrangement. Drilled locating holes and held the plexi plates in place with long thumbscrews and rubbet grommets. Both builds were for customers/friends and both kept most of the airflow intact.
    Maybe something you can incorporate hopefully.
  6. KyBrewer

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    I did similar with my Antec P183, partially in order to fit a 5870 in. I had to put the harddrive in the bottom with the PSU. All the extra cables are rolled up where the harddrive could have gone in the middle, were it not for that long graphics card.
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