Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Software - need advice


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Hmm was thinking of going back to Zone Alarm as I used it for years and loved it, HOWEVER after reading the post on "Recomendation against Zone Alarm Firewall" I am up in the air of which one to use.
Any advice on firewalls would much appreciated.

Anti-Virus software

What antivirus software is recommended?
I have used AVG for years then went to avast couple years ago (I actually use full versions not the free ones lol) I am wondering should I stick with avast or go to a new one as I got 15 days left on my license.

I searched the internet and according to "Top10Reviews" BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 is the best anti-virus software.

OR would it be good to go with something like Norten Security (I am not a real Norton fan but I want what is best for my computer.

Again any advice would much appreciated.

David Lambie
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I had Norton pre-installed on my computer when I got it and I honestly dont like it. .. it seemed to cause more problems than it solved for me.

I use Avast! Antivirus and reccomend it to friends/family. It has a free eddition you can download and trial if you're unsure. You can get a free yearly subscription which is easy to renew when needed. I have never had a problem with Avast and think it might be a good starting point.
I have no knowledge of your technical expertise since that is always MY main factor that I use in determining the right software for a person. You sound like the average user (not too techy, but can do things on their own with some direction). I usually point people in this category to avast. the software is typically not very resourceful and fairly easy to use and configure. most important, its default notification settings will give you that "slap" on the wrist when you his a bogus site or open a corrupt file by verbally letting you know your actions are putting your pc in danger. several av programs will catch and log the event you may or may not get a pop up. Good just because your spending $ dont expect it to work any better and even avast has had its share of hiccups in the past. none of them are perfect :)