Antivirus & firewall to run on Windows98 with 32Mb RAM

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Apr 8, 2005
  1. I am presently running McAfee VirusScanProf. 7.0 & Firewall.
    The virus scan has been tempramental for a long time - frequently requiring me to go in & "launch virus scan" then click to start active file checking. Mcfee support upgraded me to some later version, but the problem has persisted.
    Recently I sometimes get error messages - a whole series of boxes opening up to warn me that the something cannot connect to application files( please forgive my vagueness - I'll make a note next time it happens)

    I do not want to spend any more cash on this PC as I hope to upgrad in a couple of months.
    I do weekly updates of signature data files & I also run Ccleaner & AdAware.

    Does anyone know of a reliable virus checker & firewall to run on such a low spec. PC ?
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    Thanks - I will try these just a soon as I can get some backup facility. I am sure a re-format would resolve the very frequent freezing & crashing.

    The McAfee error message appearing in a cascade of boxes was "unable to establish a communications link between the application & the device driver". As McAfee are no longer supporting Virus Scan Prof 7.0 this is a bit irrelevant I suppose.
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    AVG7 - not free now?

    I have just visited the www.grisoft site & they seem to be charging £22 for a licence now. I think I may have missed the free offer - or can I still evaluate it for free? I emailed the sales department to check on compatability as the site says " windows 2000 & NT supported" but they replied that it would work on the 64Mb PC with Win98.

    I think sales departments & the term "free" are not compatable however
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