Any Advice - Asus X200M

A teacher asked me if I can repair her personal laptop, it's a Asus X200M Netbook. The first thing I noticed was the damaged cracked screen so I replaced it with a new one. Then, I replaced the battery because it was not charging and it was making a sqeaking noise which I thought I was the Hard Drive but it wasn't. The CPU fan wasn't spinning at all so I snipped the blue wire so now it spins (working) including changing the CR2032 battery on the motherboard. I checked the videos on Youtube for this model on why screen wasn't working and I've tried every method including HDMI cable on TV and nothing shows up on the screen.

The motherboard is responding to the keyboard because I can press the CapLock key. I have two prices, at Amazon the motherboard cost $129 to $198 and on Ebay the motherboard cost $55 to $98 (open box).

Damaged Screen - Replaced with a New Screen
Damaged Battery - Replaced with a New Battery
CR2032 Battery on the MotherBoard - Replaced

Any advice will do. Thank you :)


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I am learning how to micro solder and troubleshoot and I think this type of netbook was not worth repairing. I'm pretty sure they were underpowered when they were new (Celeron CPU?). Putting in all those new parts means you intend to plow ahead? Does the new motherboard come with the CPU and RAM? If it does then you might not mind paying the price since that is the final component you have to change, other than the power brick.

Oh, and the reason I mentioned the micro soldering is that is a skill that can make this type of repair more affordable. Check out this guy's channel: