Any book on "How to use windows 10 Home OS effectively?"

Friends I am not that computer savvy. Recently I installed a licensed OS windows 10 home edition on my PC. So can anyone suggest me a book on how to use Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition effectively?
it should cover all the functioning on windows os


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Things have gone from strength to strength. I started with W98 on a mega expensive PC the spec for which is laughable by today’s standards. There were frequent crashes and blue screens. Windows 10 is very stable.

I’m sure there are books but you can learn as you go along. You managed to post so obviously have the basics. First be sure that you are protected against viruses. Windows Defender is included free and does an acceptable job. I don’t generally use Edge but it works fine for web surfing. You’ve got the Mail app which is easy to use for sending emails.

If you post for help with specific topics on Techspot you’ll generally get some help. Don’t take any silly chances without checking first but often you can sort things yourself. Keep some notes of what the issue was and how you got past it. Make sure you can navigate around and find Control Panel - useful sometimes when the Cog icon for Settings doesn't seem to be enough.

When comfortable with that you need to decide what you want to use the computer for and look at the apps or programs that will suit you best. You might for example find it helpful to get a guide for Office applications. Microsoft Word is very useful but you can download free Office packages that will do everything available with Microsoft's bundles. Certainly using these you'll need to find an online guide or booklet.

Try to have fun.