Any free bulk mailers?

By Vigilante
May 19, 2008
  1. Hi, I had what I thought was a simple problem, and that is send a message to my address book, but it's not so simple.

    The office where I work has moved and changed our name, so all I have to do is send a canned message to my whole address book, there is only about 260 addresses.

    I use Windows Live Mail because I access MSN accounts and such, but they can't do it, it says I have to many names in the TO or BCC fields. I suppose this may be a limitation of header size, and not WLM, I don't know.

    I did a quick Google, and didn't come up with much, anything that is free or has a free trial still won't let me handle more than maybe 100 addresses at a time. And secondly, these programs seem to specialize more in repeat mailing lists and subscriptions and automation, etc... I just need to send a message to a bunch of people one time and be done. I also need the message to have the right reply address because I am requesting responses to update my own address book.

    So there you have it, where can I send a bulk mail to 260 people with the right return address, no weird spams or ads placed in my mail, and hopefully can do for free cause it's a one time deal. Of course, I'd consider buying it if it's very cheap.
    Can Outlook do it? I don't have it installed, but I do have Office if I have to.

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