Any ideas for a combination for a computer build?

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Mar 20, 2013
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  1. Hey guys I'm new on this whole building computers so I would want to try. Is there any idea of any combinations for about 500-600 I want a case that is easily upgradable and no screws. I obviously need all the parts to fit in the case and everything needs to be compatabile with one another.

    Thank You so much for any full lists of a combination of a computer.
  2. hood6558

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    At that price point, it's crucial to decide what the PC will be used for; for gaming, more should be spent on the graphics card. If you intend to run programs that are CPU and memory intensive, such as Photoshop or audio/video conversion, you'll want a faster CPU and more RAM. Being that there are a huge number of choices involved even in a $600 build, if you want any meaningful replies, you'll have to elaborate on the intended use of the machine. Also, $600 will not get you a powerhouse no matter what the intended use, so it's doubly important to make all your choices carefully and look for sales once you decide on your path.
    Early on you must also decide whether to go with Intel or AMD, as many subsequent choices depend on this. For gamers on a budget, AMD is usually the best choice. For those requiring more computing power or faster memory, Intel CPUs are the way to go.​
    I could make a comprehensive list for you (after you provide some more info), but then other users may give you an equally valid list that's completely different than mine. In the end, it takes a certain amount of research on your part​
    (reading reviews, articles, and user reviews on NewEgg, TigerDirect, Amazon, etc.) before you'll be comfortable making the purchases. Take your time and enjoy the process, because when it's done it's sort of a letdown; you're ready to build another one! But also each build is something to be proud of (if it works!), and all the more so if you hand-picked all the parts yourself.​
  3. chase_4548

    chase_4548 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your help if you would like more information I would like an amd and I will be working in photoshop etc. I just want to take into consideration any parts I might one so if you could please give me a list of if you were you the things you would get together and build thank you
  4. St1ckM4n

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    You want a case that's 'easily upgradeable and no screws', and you say 'photoshop' when we ask you what you're using it for. Do you need a screen, mouse, keyboard? You're not being very co-operative.
  5. chase_4548

    chase_4548 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Im new to this stuff okay and know I dont all I need is the tower and I will be using it for things other than gaming such as making websites
  6. hood6558

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    Okay, here's a list I compiled a month or two ago for building an Intel Ivy Bridge budget multi-purpose PC;

    Intel i3-3225 (2 cores/4 threads, HD 4000 graphics on-die) - $145
    Asus P8B75-M LE (micro ATX motherboard with B75 chipset & 2 DIMM slots) - $75
    Gskill Ripjaws 8 GB F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL (2 x 4 GB DDR3-1600MHz RAM) - $40
    Seasonic S1211 430B (430 watt power supply) - $60
    Corsair 200R (mid tower case) - $60
    Xigmatek Extreme Silent XSF-F1252 (120mm case fan) - $8
    Sandisk Ultra Plus 128G-G25 (128 Gb SSD boot drive) - $90
    WD Blue 500 GB (7200 rpm HDD data drive) - $70
    Total - $548

    This should be a good performer for the task you specified. The Intel HD 4000 GPU built into the CPU is the fastest on-die solution out there, but to adequately play modern games, a dedicated GPU would be necessary (GTX 650 is a good starting point at $110). Also, if you think your programs will need more RAM, get a 2 x 8 GB kit instead, like Corsair Value-add 1600 ($99 instead of $40). Some of these prices may have dropped since I did this list, and if you look around you might catch some of them on sale. Good luck!
  7. chase_4548

    chase_4548 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so much you have been very cooperative

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