Any way to get a activation keygen?

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Mar 9, 2008
  1. i have a couple really cool games that i want to play longer but i can because they're free trials:( . A friend told me about something called a keygen that gives you a activation code.:confused: see alot of them in google search but they have viruses. is there a keygen that doesnt have a virus anywhere or from a reliable source?
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    Well keygens somehow fall into the illegal part of the industry. There are alot of reliable sources but I don't think I'm at liberty to give them out in here
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    You're right, keygens are illegal and against the boards posting guidelines:

    I do think your question does require an answer though
    These keygens, are NEVER provided from a reliable source, actually the source is actually an illegal site to allow them.
    So why do the sites exist?
    There are a number of reasons:
    1. The site is new (and not yet checked)
    2. The site is in a country that does not care for these laws (usually not being yours!)
    3. The site is used by the game manufactures, to lock down their games even further, and to find out what keys are recorded as illegal
    4. The site is used to distribute viruses (also illegal) and hacking files

    You are best advised not to use these sites (or search for these programs)
    Why again?
    1. It's illegal (must be number 1)
    2. You may (and likely will) receive Viruses and Trojans (let alone many other files)
    3. The game manufactures use income from these games to make better games
    4. You may be prosecuted
    5. The game itself may also be affected (especially games with opponents online)
    6. You may compromise even your Windows files (the keygen usually writes to Windows registry)

    I would suggest you either:
    Buy the game
    Hire it from a legal game hiring distributor
    Play the game online (many games are available online to play - ie no install)

    That's why.
  4. CobraStrike4

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    is there anywhere i can get an activation code thats not illegal?
  5. Purchase it...
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