Anybody else have problems with D-Link wireless?

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Jul 5, 2010
  1. Couple years ago I bought a wireless router (108g), laptop adapter, and desktop adapter.

    Fought several days to get them working, many problems & frustrations.

    Then didn't need wireless, had access to hard cable hookups.

    Now, temporarily need wireless again.

    Had totally uninstalled all D-Link software, so started over again.

    Followed all their directions and "quick" guides.

    Can't get anything to work. The laptop one has "good connectivity"
    but will not communicate.

    The desktop one won't even connect.

    When I called for support, I found they charge for older models.
    So - frustrated to the nth degree after uninstalling and clean re-
    installing several times, all to no avail, I found their support website
    and gave them a piece of this old man's very upset mind.

    Lo and behold, got a reply.

    I replied with detail of what happened and what didn't happen.

    They replied with a "solution" which I'd already tried and didn't work.

    On the desktop adapter, the instructions on the CD and in the hard copy
    pamphlet are even considerably different in a couple important aspects!

    Bottom line, this whole pile of junk is going on eBay and I'm going to
    buy a cable for now, cuz this situation is only temporary.

    But, just for curiosity sake, what's a good setup - one that actually
    installs and works as the install guides direct?

  2. jobeard

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    wireless setup is ALWAYS done first using a wired connection. changing the router any other way is suicidal.

    First set the router default address & DHCP range (2-20).
    You may need to use the Masquerade setting and copy the Mac address of the PC (or Mac) as many ISPs use that to verify you are a customer.

    Then do the WiFi settings
    change the admin login password and save the settings
    (which WILL disconnect you and restart the router).

    Now you can use the WiFi Connection wizard to connect to your router.

    Once it's working correctly, go back into the router and enable the encryption feature and sett a passphrase.
  3. raybay

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    I second JoBeard's suggestions. However, I would also uninstall everything wireless you have installed. Then reboot and start over.
    Read everything you can find on the subject online...
    It is only easy after you know how.
    DLink and most others have very complete step by step instructions... but they seem obtuse when you begin. Study until you understand, then try again.
    Good luck.
  4. macx

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    Thanks - I'll try again.

    I had tried to do basically that but must have missed something.

    Sure gets frustrating for what they should be able to make
    relatively simple.
  5. tipstir

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  6. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    After reinstalling the software and hardware into my desktop - following D Link's instructions to the letter which, BTW, differed between the instructions on the CD and the printed instructions (!) - and not even having connectivity let alone communication, my main data storage drive disappeared - computer couldn't find it.

    Took the hardware out, fought with it for an hour, finally got the drive back.

    I don't have numerous hours to read up and research so much stuff that should be set up so regular home users can install and use the system fairly easily.

    That whole pile of what I consider to be just so much expensive junk is going on eBay!!
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