Anyone Know Of A USB Flash Drive That Has Physical LOCK Switch?

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Mar 10, 2006
  1. I'm looking for a brand/model of USB Flash Memory Drive that has a physical Read-Only Lock on it. This would allow me to lock it to Read-Only before plugging it into a virus-infected machine (the USB Drive would have anti-virus tools on it). I've seen SecureDigital drives with this feature but haven't found a USB version. Thanks in advance!
  2. lydiate7

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    Comp USA brand

    I got a 128 for $10 at COMP USA the other day and that has a physical read wright switch.
  3. Nodsu

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    I think most USB flash drives have read-only switches on them. At least I haven't seen one without a write protection switch.
  4. BeetleTX330

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    Arrrgghhh!! That's great news and just what I've been looking for buuuttt.... I'm no closer to getting one 'cuz you didn't tell me the Brand/Model so I can buy one! LOL

    Knowing they exist is good information but it's not ALL the information I was hoping to get from y'all. [grin] (Just messin' with ya a bit, all in fun.) Please reply and let me know the Brand/Model info. Thanks!

    P.S. I went searching on CompUSA and found the following USB Drive: that the one you were referring to?

    I'm shocked that I haven't been able to find one before when it seems like it's always been there (I've searched quite heavily in the past) -- maybe it's a new feature that are appearing on more drives nowadaze?
  5. BeetleTX330

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    Granted, I haven't bought or shopped/priced them in about a year but when I WAS buying these devices, I had NEVER seen this feature (except for the afore-mentioned SD drive)! Maybe I'm just out-of-step with current tech.

    Then again, I just went through PriceWatch's listings of the drive I found on CompUSA's website (listed above - ACP EPUSB/128/256-2.0) and none of those websites INCLUDING the manufacturer's (!!) mentioned this feature (even the PDF product brochure)!

    If this feature is so prevalent, why isn't it mentioned as a selling point (unless it's been recently incorporated into the unit)?

    Sigh, I just went through the Manufacturer's site AGAIN and realize that the model number I found on CompUSA's website isn't listed. It's called the "Mobile Mini Drive 2.0" and the closest product I can find on their website is a "Mobile Storage Drive 2.0" which looks exactly the same but apparently doesn't have this feature.

    I've sent ACP's Tech Support dept an e-mail asking them what's up.
  6. lydiate7

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  7. BeetleTX330

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    My friend! Thanks for posting that info -- I'm gonna go see if they have one that features 256MB as well as 128MB.

    Come to find out, the unit I found on ChumpUSA's website does NOT feature a Write-Protect Switch. See the following replies from the ACP company:

    So the search goes on. A side note to nodsu: if you know of any other brand/models that have this feature, pray tell. However, through my research I'm beginning to think you wrote before you leapt. :)

    I wish very hard for your sake that wishing very hard for my sake would make wishes come true. Word.
  8. Nodsu

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  9. N3051M

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    lexar jumpdrive has a lock switch (but you need a paperclip to get to it.. very small) exept the one i have is 128mb (the purple one.. see the pic vvv)

    don't know if you can get them in the USA...

    go take a walk to one of the shops.. thats your best way to find out if it has a switch or not, as some online sites wont bother with that detail since the big 'encrypt and compress' era set in..

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  10. BeetleTX330

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  11. BeetleTX330

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    I read your angst and agree. I am NOT a fan of the 'encrypt and compress' feature. There seems to be issues with NTFS and permissions, etc... with the encryption process. I don't have personal experience but I've read a lot of user's reviews and they're not especially happy with the way it's done (and the software can often be cheezy).
  12. BeetleTX330

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    Peeeeeps, I think I've found the end-all, best-of-the-bunch USB Flash Drive:

    PQI Cool Drive Pro 2GB USB 2.0 170X's only $12 more than the 1GB version but best of all, it's very high-speed. It's one thing to have 1 or 2GB of room but it's quite another to have to wait 30 minutes or so to transfer that much data. The 170 X transfer rate GREATLY speeds up read/write time (of course, the write time is a bit slower than the read time but it's ALL much faster than 'regular' USB Drives). Plus it has the highly-desired-by-me Write-Protect Switch.

    I'm a PQI fan as I've used the Intelligent drive for several years and found it to be VERY much slimmer (and faster) than other USB Drives -- and I didn't even have the Pro model (which is even faster).

    I am now about to search in this board for a thread to help me configure this drive to be bootable/NTFS-readable (it'd be nice if I can dual-boot it into either DOS/Win98 and NT) so I can make it into the end-all virus-fighter solution. (If any of y'all know a good thread that covers this topic, please clue me in -- I might miss it.) :)

    Thanks in advance and I'll reply to myself (again) and point y'all to it if/when I find some good info on configuring bootable flash drives.
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