AOL Browser, soon?

By Julio Franco
Oct 8, 2004
  1. The newly revitalized America Online is planning to release its own stand-alone web browser. What is most interesting about this however is that the company that owns Netscape, once the king of web browsing, will not be basing its browser on Mozilla/Netscape technology but IE's.

    Microsoft last year granted AOL a seven-year royalty-free license to use IE technology in its products. The license was one of many concessions that Microsoft offered AOL as part of a $750 million settlement in an antitrust lawsuit filed by Netscape in January 2002.
  2. Strakian

    Strakian TS Rookie Posts: 136

    AOL is the biggest piece of Joe Schmoe-ware ever. I can't see any real computer dork (ie me, you probably if you're reading this) will install an AOL Browser, let alone the AOL software.

    That thing is it's own virus... I dare you to remove AOL from a machine and see if you can do it, I've never seen anything spider into so many parts of the system and sytem registry while simoltaneously consuming every ounce of precious RAM...

    I will start my boycott of AOL Browser now, thanks.
  3. How do I get rid of AOL browser and restore IE as my browser

    Somehow my pc is displaying web pages in aol browser and I am STUCK.
    I hate this aol browser and like to restore IE but I don't know how to do it.
    I think AOL got me this time.
    Any experience or feedback is appreciated.

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