AOL Spyware Detector stops working at 99% done.

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Jul 30, 2005
  1. Has anyone had a problem using the AOL Spyware Detector?...Mine keeps stopping at 99% done with 4 spyware entries uncorrected.

    AOL told me to reinstall the detector, but that didn't work...Then they told me to reinstall the untire 9.0 broswer, and that didn't work either.
    Would one of the 4 spyware items in the detector be preventing AOL's spyware detector from doing its job?

    AOL's spyware detector is the only detector picking up these 4 items, and I have: AdAware, Spybot, Spysweeper, Spyblaster, and Windows Beta Spy detector.

    You don't think that AOL is making up these 4 spyware entries just to make people believe that their detector is better than these others I have?
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I have no AOL experience, but usually if a bug detector stops scanning it is a good sign you have a bug.
    Do a Google and see if you can track the actual bug names the scan gave you.This may give you a specific method to elliminate the item.
    The fact that these items were not caught by the other programs you used may mean that these bugs are particular to AOL ( but not necessarily planted by AOL) Also Try your Scan in Safe mode , especially the Window's scanner, It has an excellent rep.
  3. Cue Club 2

    Cue Club 2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The problem is the AOL spy scanner did not tell me what these 4 spyware items were because it did not complete its job. It stopped at 99% complete.

    Then I get a windows error submission report request which I must have sent them already 2 dozen times to no avail.

    But I will try what you suggest and run the windows Beta Spyware scanner in Safe Mode and see what happens...Thanks :rolleyes:
  4. saurabhvarma

    saurabhvarma TS Rookie

    i am working with AOL technical support... used aol on my PC.. honest advice -: remove AOL spyware detector.. it will fasten ur pc and its not as good as advertised.. install Microsoft Antispyware.. its much better and doesn't give ur pc any problem.. :)
  5. nEO

    nEO TS Rookie

    why don't you try unstalling that anti spyware and instal microsoft anti spyware , it works just perfec to me,,,,, i've have it since day 1 and it has evolve a lot, in the way that theres no better, beliveme i ve try with other antyspyware in machines from my friends and it just 'r horrible!!!!

  6. Cue Club 2

    Cue Club 2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Spyware sometimes is Spyware

    puke: I have to disagree with with you about Microsoft's Anti-Spyware Beta. It didn't pick a spyware program called, "ErrorGuard." That program is for sale and is suppose to correct registry errors, but in reality, it is spyware, which my other spyware detectors, 'Spybot," and "SpySweeper," detected.

    I will never buy another piece of software again until I check it out first with a "Google" search.
  7. nEO

    nEO TS Rookie

    i know all the controverce around microsoft antispy , but as i said, it works just perfect for me,, i've use it from the begining and just a mont ago,,,they have this large update and covers what you mentioned,

    i realy recomend those who have an ipod or use potcast, download the new episode of TwiT (this week in tech) of this week , they talk a lot of anti spyware programs at the middle of the program, they dont say microsoft option puke: but they mention the pros and cons of use this or others,,,, very recomended for this post

    Greatings!!!!!! :)
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